Daily Programme - Tuesday 24th, 2018


Tuesday | July 24th, 2018










Chair: Mats Gyllemberg

09:00 – 10:00


Eörs Szathmáry | Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary






10:00 – 10:30


Coffee Break



10:30 – 12:30


Mini-Symposia and Parallel Sessions
ROOM C8.2.02


Mini-symposium “Exploring the tissue regeneration processes

through mathematical modelling”

(Organizers: Diane Peurichard and Dirk Drasdo)

   10:30-10:50 Osvaldo Chara “Data-driven multi-scale model of tissue regeneration in axolotl”

   10:50-11:10 Aurélie Carlier “In silico clinical trials for pediatric orphan diseases: a case study”

   11:10-11:30 Yanlan Mao “Wound edge fluidity promotes epithelial wound healing”

   11:30-11:50 Anotida Madzvamuse “Recent advances in mathematical modelling of cell migration”


ROOM C8.2.03


Mini-symposium “Mathematical modeling of leukemia and

myeloproliferative neoplasms”

(Organizers: Morten Andersen and Thomas Stiehl)

   10:30-10:50 Thomas Stiehl “Modeling feedback signals in acute leukemias: biological insights and

   clinical applications”

   10:50-11:10 David Dingli “Hematopoietic stem cell dynamics and paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria”

   11:10-11:30 Johnny T. Ottesen “The Cancitis model: a coupled leukemic-inflammatory response”

   11:30-11:50 Doron Levy “The role of the autologous immune response in chronic myelogenous



ROOM C8.2.06


Mini-symposium “Epidemic models: from individual decision to collective dynamics”

(Organizer: Gabriel Turinici)

   10:30-10:50 Bruno Buonomo “Public health intervention in behavioral vaccination models: analysis and


   10:50-11:10 Alberto d'Onofrio “Vaccine opinion dynamics: imitation game reloaded”

   11:10-11:30 Tim Reluga “Social distancing epidemic games, diagnosis, and incomplete information”

   11:30-11:50 Francesco Salvarani “A mean field games approach to imperfect vaccination”


ROOM C8.2.10


Parallel Session “Cell and Intra-Cell Dynamics II”


   10:30-10:50 Reuben O'Dea “Multiphase and morpho-poro-elastic multiscale models of biological tissue


   10:50-11:10 Martin Lercher "Accurate prediction of intracellular concentrations in E. coli from a simple

   optimality principle”

   11:10-11:30 Julian Rode “Proliferation rate inference with continuous labelling assays”

   11:30-11:50 Daniel Sanchez-Taltavull “Architectures of differentiation cascades with asymmetric and

   symmetric stem cell division”

   11:50-12:10 Abhyudai Singh “Exact lower and upper bounds on moments of biochemical systems”


   12:10-12:30 Simon P. Pearce “Curvature-sensitive kinesin binding can induce rings and chaotic

   dynamics in microtubules”


ROOM C8.2.11


Parallel Session “Cancer II”


   10:30-10:50 Pietro Mascheroni “Modeling the influence of compressive stresses on the efficacy of

   anticancer treatments”

   10:50-11:10 Léolo Gonay "Structure and dynamics of a gene regulatory network driving hepatocellular


   11:10-11:30 Dumitru Trucu “Multiscale modelling of cancer growth and spread: a multiscale moving

   boundary approach”

   11:30-11:50 Alvaro Köhn-Luque “Personalized cancer treatment simulation: a multi-scale model

   informed by multi-source clinical data”

   11:50-12:10 Bertin Hoffmann “Radiotherapy and chemotherapy change vessel tree geometry and

   metastatic spread”

   12:10-12:30 Mark Robertson-Tessi “Evolution of competing diversities: tumor vs. immune”


ROOM C8.2.13


Parallel Session “Evolutionary Dynamics III”


   10:30-10:50 Georgiy Karev “Evolutionary games: natural selection of strategies”

   10:50-11:10 Jacek Miękisz “Social dilemmas in simple evolutionary games”

   11:10-11:30 Frédéric Grognard “Uninvadable strategies for biotrophic pathogens, from dynamic games  

   to adaptive dynamics”

   11:30-11:50 Piret Avila “Sex-ratio conflict disrupts colony growth in annual haplodiploid social insects”

   11:50-12:10 Yuhua Cai “Resident-invader dynamics of similar strategies in noisy environments”

   12:10-12:30 Barbara Boldin “An extension of the classification of evolutionarily singular strategies in

   adaptive dynamics”


ROOM C8.2.15


Parallel Session “Ecology II”


   10:30-10:50 Alexander Medvinsky “Direct and indirect effects of temperature on the dynamics of lake


   10:50-11:10 Giancarlo Consolo “Secondary seed dispersal in the Klausmeier vegetation model for

   sloped semi-arid environments”

   11:10-11:30 Simona Panunzi “A novel advection-diffusion-reaction model of the spatio-temporal

   mercury dynamics in water and sediments”

   11:30-11:50 Arnina Goodlad “Collective movement of marine animals: the effect of anthropogenic noise

   on pattern formation”

   11:50-12:10 Aleksandra Z. Płochocka “Homing of green sea turtles across various geographical


   12:10-12:30 Vincent Calcagno “Foraging under predation risk: a marginal value approach”


ROOM C8.2.17


Parallel Session “Epidemiology II”


   10:30-10:50 Ryosuke Omori “Predictability of prevalence of sexually transmitted infection on complex


   10:50-11:10 Max von Kleist “Hybrid stochastic framework predicts the prophylactic efficacy of antivirals

   against HIV-infection”

   11:10-11:30 Hee-Dae Kwon “Feedback control of an HBV model based on a nonlinear Kalman filter”

   11:30-11:50 Ganna Rozhnova “Impact of pre-exposure prophylaxis on the Dutch HIV epidemic among

   men who have sex with men”

   11:50-12:10 Cristiana J. Silva “Hopf bifurcation and optimal control of a delayed HIV model”


ROOM C8.2.19


Parallel Session “Genetics and Genomics II”


   10:30-10:50 Krzysztof Puszynski “The influence of the stochastic gene switching on effectiveness of the

   metronomic therapies”

   10:50-11:10 Alessandra Micheletti “A comparison of singular values decomposition and functional

   statistics for the analysis of omics data”

   11:10-11:30 Frits Veerman “A hybrid analytical-numerical method for parameter inference in stochastic

   gene expression models”

   11:30-11:50 Núria Folguera-Blasco “Unlocking the stem cell phenotype: a multi-scale model of the

   epigenetic regulation of cell fate and plasticity”

   11:50-12:10 Abhishek Gupta “Extrinsic noise leads to phenotypic transitions in stochastic gene


   12:10-12:30 Nikos Kavallaris “Data driven model selection and parameter estimation for DNA



ROOM C8.2.23


Parallel Session “Epidemiology III”


   10:30-10:50 Alberto Pinto “Evolutionary vaccination dynamics”

   10:50-11:10 José Martins “Learning strategies in a rumor spreading model based on the SIR epidemic


   11:10-11:30 Paulo Doutor “Rational behavior and social cost for vaccination in childhood diseases”

   11:30-11:50 Ka Yin Leung “Epidemics on networks with social distancing”

   11:50-12:10 Joe Hilton “Household models for endemic diseases”

   12:10-12:30 Ana P. Lemos-Paião “Optimal control of a SIQRB cholera delayed model”


ROOM C8.2.38


Parallel Session “Population Biology II”


   10:30-10:50 Benoit Sarels “Interactions of traveling waves in the context of population genetics”

   10:50-11:10 Reinhard Bürger “Two-locus clines maintained by diffusion and recombination in a

   heterogeneous environment”

   11:10-11:30 Ilya Timofeyev “Large deviations theory with application to rare events in bacterial


   11:30-11:50 Carlos A. Braumann “Constant effort harvesting models with Allee effects in randomly

   varying environments”

   11:50-12:10 Nuno M. Brites “Performance of fishing policies for populations with weak Allee effects in a

   random environment”

   12:10-12:30 Tim Rogers “Strength in numbers: how demographic noise can reverse the direction of



ROOM C8.2.39


Parallel Session “Mathematical Methods in Biology IV”


   10:30-10:50 Burcu Gürbüz “Laguerre polynomial solutions of a class of nonlinear reaction diffusion

   equation and its applications in biology”

   10:50-11:10 Chengming Huang “An efficient numerical algorithm for auto-convolution Volterra integral


   11:10-11:30 Rossana Vermiglio “Polynomial Chaos expansions for stability, uncertain quantification and

   sensitivity analysis of equilibria of uncertain delay differential equations”

   11:30-11:50 Luís Mateus “Prediction and predictability in population biology”

   11:50-12:10 Carlos Correia Ramos “Animal movement: symbolic dynamics and topological


   12:10-12:30 Claus Haetinger “Sustainability indicator system for assessment of dairy farms at Vale do

   Taquari-RS (Brazil)”





“grab and go”

12:30 – 14:00


Lunch Break



14:00 – 15:40


Mini-Symposia and Parallel Sessions
ROOM C8.2.02


Mini-symposium “Current directions in host-parasite coevolution”

(Organizer: Alex Best)

   14:00-14:20 Chaitanya Gokhale “Antagonistic coevolution, population dynamics, and implications for the

   Red Queen”

   14:20-14:40 Sona John “From coevolutionary dynamics to genomics and back: inferring the speed of the

   Red Queen”

   14:40-15:00 Michael Sieber “Evolution of parasite host ranges - going beyond trade-offs”

   15:00-15:20 Alex Best “Host-parasite coevolution within communities”


ROOM C8.2.03


Mini-symposium “Hematopoiesis and its diseases”

(Organizers: Tony Humphries and Laurent Pujo-Menjouet)

   14:00-14:20 Tony Humphries “Modelling granulopoiesis with state-dependent delays”

   14:20-14:40 Mostafa Adimy “Age-structured and delay differential-difference model of hematopoietic

   stem cell dynamics”

   14:40-15:00 Anna Marciniak-Czochra “Clonal evolution and emergence of resistance in acute 

   leukemias: insights from mathematical modeling”

   15:00-15:20 Adélia Sequeira “Modeling and simulations of the blood coagulation process”


ROOM C8.2.06


Mini-symposium “Multi-scale models of cell behaviour”

(Organizers: Enrico Gavagnin and Christian A. Yates)

   14:00-14:20 Enrico Gavagnin “Modelling persistence in motion of interacting cells at multiple scales”

   14:20-14:40 Andreas Deutsch “Biological lattice-gas cellular automaton models for the analysis of

   collective behaviour in interacting cell populations”

   14:40-15:00 Linus J. Schumacher “Semblance of heterogeneity in collective cell migration”

   15:00-15:20 Christian A. Yates “Incorporating a multistage representation of the cell cycle into models of

   cell migration”


ROOM C8.2.10


Mini-symposium “Free boundary problems in mathematical biology”

(Organizer: Raquel Barreira and Chandrasekhar Venkataraman)

   14:00-14:20 José Carrillo “Attractive-repulsive models in collective behavior models and applications”

   14:20-14:40 Tobias Kies “Numerical simulation of membrane mediated particle clustering in an elastic


   14:40-15:00 Chandrasekhar Venkataraman “Free and moving boundary problems in cell biology”

   15:00-15:20 Euripides J. Sellountos “Boundary domain integral methods for the solution of the

   Navier-Stokes equations”


ROOM C8.2.11


Mini-symposium “Partial differential equation models in ecology and evolution”

(Organizers: Max Souza e Reinhard Bürger)

   14:00-14:20 Max Souza “Continuous approximations of finite-population stochastic models: the PDE


   14:20-14:40 Gaël Raoul “Dynamics of an asexual population facing climate change”

   14:40-15:00 Linlin Su “Clines with partial panmixia across a geographical barrier in an unbounded

   unidimensional habitat”

   15:00-15:20 Silvia Cuadrado “Asymptotic behavior of some selection-mutation equations”


ROOM C8.2.13


Mini-symposium “Spatial patterns across ecology: differences and similarities”

(Organizers: Frits Veerman and Koen Siteur)

   14:00-14:20 Johan van de Koppel “Multi-scale patterns in self-organized ecosystems: a new hype or

   something really important?”

   14:20-14:40 Annalisa Iuorio "Interplay of water and toxicity in vegetation pattern formation"

   14:40-15:00 Lukas Eigentler “How does long-range dispersal affect pattern formation in semi-arid


   15:00-15:20 Koen Siteur “Vegetation patterns and ecosystem degradation: towards a complete indicator



ROOM C8.2.15


Parallel Session “Evolutionary Dynamics IV”


   14:00-14:20 Dániel Czégel “Major evolutionary transitions as structure learning of Bayesian belief


   14:20-14:40 Nathalie Gontier “Can we define life by how it evolves?”

   14:40-15:00 Nicole Fortuna “Modelling the evolution of generalist vs. specialist pathogens spreading

   on a clade of host species”

   15:00-15:20 Tadeas Priklopil “When does an invasion of a novel trait imply fixation?”

   15:20-15:40 Inês Fragata “Predictability of long-term, but not short-term phenotypic evolution of



ROOM C8.2.17


Parallel Session “Physiology III”

   14:00-14:20 Claudiu-Cristi Antonovici “Dynamic model of stomatal development and patterning with

   auxin regulation”

   14:20-14:40 Isabella Marinelli “Analysis of different bursting modes in the integrated oscillator model for

   pancreatic beta-cells”

   14:40-15:00 Yannis Kalaidzidis “Bile flux quantification by intra-vital microscopy”

   15:00-15:20 Linda Irons “Effect of deep inspirations on airway smooth muscle cell-matrix adhesions”

   15:20-15:40 Leo Creedon “A mathematical model of bovine progesterone based on corpus luteum



ROOM C8.2.19


Parallel Session “Immunology II”

   14:00-14:20 Connor White “The protectiveness of HLA Alleles against infection in the presence of

   multiple pathogen strains”

   14:20-14:40 James Preston “Exploring the dynamics of an enterpathogenic Escherichia coli infection via

   a computational model”

   14:40-15:00 Lito A. Papaxenopoulou “Model-driven experiments induce elimination of Staphylococcus

   aureus chronic infection”

   15:00-15:20 Suzanne Touzeau “Investigating viremia rebounds using a PRSS data-supported model

   of immune response”

   15:20-15:40 Bruno M. P. M. Oliveira “Concentration of T cells and antigenic stimulation”


ROOM C8.2.23


Parallel Session “Cell and Intra-Cell Dynamics III”

   14:00-14:20 Aldo E. Encarnacion Segura “Cellular decision making models in microorganisms”

   14:20-14:40 J. Krishnan “Temporal and spatial information processing in cell signalling networks”

   14:40-15:00 Anne-Sophie Giacobbi “Modelling of the ERK pathway in hepatocellular carcinoma cells

   exposed to sorafenib”

   15:00-15:20 Carla White “Cooperativity across dimers and the effect on ligand binding: linear and

   nonlinear models”

   15:20-15:40 Mariya Ptashnyk “Multiscale modelling and analysis of intercellular signalling processes

   in biological tissues”


ROOM C8.2.38


Parallel Session “Epidemiology IV”

   14:00-14:20 Thi Mui Pham “Mathematical modelling of P. aeruginosa transmission routes in

   intensive-care units”

   14:20-14:40 Sara Jabbari “Exploiting the antibiotic-induced morphological transition of Pseudomonas



   14:40-15:00 Martín López-García “A unified stochastic modelling framework for the spread of

   nosocomial infections”


   15:00-15:20 Paul A. Roberts “Using predictive models to optimise the treatment of bacterial infections:

   combining a novel anti-virulence therapy with antibiotics”


   15:20-15:40 Míriam García “Modeling the dynamics of antimicrobial resistance in a Morbidostat”


ROOM C8.2.39


Parallel Session “Evolutionary Dynamics V”

   14:00-14:20 Peter Czuppon “Disentangling ecological noise and evolutionary dynamics during trait


   14:20-14:40 Celia García-Pareja “Exact simulation of coupled Wright Fisher diffusions”

   14:40-15:00 Hye Jin Park “Fate of populations in a stochastic system with mutations

   15:00-15:20 Meike Wittmann “Stable polymorphisms due to seasonally fluctuating selection and their

   genetic footprint”

   15:20-15:40 Tatiana Yakushkina “Near-neutrality in evolutionary models: the first arrival time problem”






Chair: Fabio Chalub

15:50 – 16:50


Eva Kisdi | Helsinki University, Finland






17:00 – 18:30


Poster Session II | Coffee Break + Cocktail

List of Posters HERE