Daily Programme - Monday 23rd, 2018


Monday | July 23th, 2018










09:00 – 09:45


Opening Session




Chair: Carlos A. Braumann

09:50 – 10:10


Odo Diekmann | Utrecht University, The Netherlands






Chair: José A. Carrillo

10:10 – 11:10


Samuel Kou | Harvard University, USA

(BS-EMS Joint Lecture)






11:10 – 11:40


Coffee Break



11:40 – 13:00


Mini-Symposia and Parallel Sessions

ROOM C8.2.02



Mini-symposium “A Multiscale approach to `Growth and Form'”

(Organizers: Chandrasekhar Venkataraman and Mariya Ptashnyk)


   11:40-12:00 John King “Multiphase approaches to tissue growth”

   12:00-12:20 Harsha Hutridurga “Evolution by competition-diffusion in heterogeneous environments”

   12:20-12:40 Dagmar Iber “How to shape an Organ? Computational models of organogenesis”

   12:40-13:00 Fred Vermolen “Cell-based and continuum scale models for the contraction of burns”


ROOM C8.2.03


Mini-symposium “Hybrid modelling in biology”

(Organizers: Francesco Giannino and Christian E. Vincenot)


   11:40-12:00 Francesco Giannino “Vegetation pattern formation: system dynamics, individual-based

   hybrid modelling exercises”

   12:00-12:20 Gudrun Wallentin “Dynamic coupling of Individual-based with system-dynamics models to

   represent multi-scale systems”

   12:20-12:40 Constantinos Siettos “Bridging scales: from the atomistic simulations to the systematic

   numerical analysis of the emergent behaviour”

   12:40-13:00 Dimitrios Gkousis “Valid reduced Michaelis-Menten models”


ROOM C8.2.06


Mini-symposium “Mathematical neuroscience”

(Organizers: Daniele Avitabile and Reuben O’Dea)

   11:40-12:00 Susanne Ditlevsen “Inferring visual processing in the brain”

   12:00-12:20 KrasimiraTsaneva-Atanasova “Individual motor signatures and socio-motor biomarkers in


   12:20-12:40 Elif Köksal Ersöz “Canard mediated mixed-mode bursting oscillations in a rate model”

   12:40-13:00 Michael Forrester “TMS-induced synchronisation in human brain networks”


ROOM C8.2.10


Mini-symposium “Dynamics and oscillations of reaction networks”

(Organizer: Josef Hofbauer)

   11:40-12:00 Josef Hofbauer “Dynamics of generalized mass-action systems”

   12:00-12:20 Alan D. Rendall “Bounded and unbounded oscillations in the Selkov model of glycolysis”

   12:20-12:40 Anne Shiu “Multisite phosphorylation systems: bistability, oscillations, and a rational

   parametrization of steady states”

   12:40-13:00 Maya Mincheva “Parametric sensitivity analysis of a gene regulation delay model”


ROOM C8.2.11


Mini-symposium “Topics in structured population dynamics”

(Organizers: Sílvia Cuadrado and Jordi Ripoll)

   11:40-12:00 Carles Barril “From individuals to populations: densities versus histories”

   12:00-12:20 Raluca Eftimie “A kinetic modelling approach for tumour-macrophages interactions in

   heterogeneous cell populations”

   12:20-12:40 Jordi Ripoll “Limit procedure for the computation of R0 in structured population models”

   12:40-13:00 Laurent Pujo-Menjouet “Language competition: analysis and qualitative simulations of a

   deterministic age-structured mathematical model”


ROOM C8.2.13


Mini-symposium “Quantifying genetic and non-genetic heterogeneity in cancer evolution"

(Organizers: Ryan Schenk and Mohit Kumar Jolly)

   11:40-12:00 Benjamin Werner “Measuring single cell divisions in human cancers from multi-region

   sequencing data”

   12:00-12:20 Mingyang Lu “Understanding the robustness and plasticity of gene regulatory circuits”

   12:20-12:40 Gregory Kimmel “Dynamics of non-Hodgkin lymphoma CAR-T cell therapy”

   12:40-13:00 Lorand Gabriel Parajdi “Mathematical modeling of cell dynamics and optimization

   problems in chronic myeloid leukemia therapy”


ROOM C8.2.15


Parallel Session “Cancer I”


   11:40-12:00 Martina Conte “Kinetic-based models for tumor-immune system competition”

   12:00-12:20 Agnieszka Bartłomiejczyk “Travelling waves in modelling chemotherapy for low grade


   12:20-12:40 Stefano Avanzini “Probabilistic models of cancer: an estimate for the time to relapse”                

   12:40-13:00 Qi Ma “Genome wide study of glucocorticoid receptors’ role in estrogen receptors

   regulated enhancers in breast cancer”


ROOM C8.2.17


Parallel Session “Evolutionary Dynamics I”


   11:40-12:00 David Cheek “Mutation frequencies in a birth-death branching process”

   12:200-12:20 George W. A. Constable “The effect of adult sex ratio on transitions between male and

   female heterogamety”

   12:20-12:40 Omri Tal “Bet hedging models: a reappraisal”

   12:40-13:00 Alexandre Blanckaert “In search of the Goldilocks zone for hybrid speciation”


ROOM C8.2.19


Parallel Session “Mathematical Methods in Biology I”


   11:40-12:00 Paulo Amorim “Reaction-diffusion and individual-based models for ant movement”

   12:00-12:20 Timothy Whiteley “An integro-differential equation model for urban population dynamics

   predicting emergent pattern formation”

   12:20-12:40 Kenta Ishimoto “Hydrodynamic modelling of human sperm clustering”

   12:40-13:00 Masakazu Akiyama “A mathematical model of collective cell migrations based on cell



ROOM C8.2.23


Parallel Session “Physiology I”


   11:40-12:00 Valeriia Kaneva “Particle-based model of microvascular thrombus formation demonstrates

   the role of the interplay between platelet adhesive receptors”

   12:00-12:20 Christopher D. Marcotte “Tuning critical excitations in stiff cardiac models”

   12:20-12:40 Aleksey V. Belyaev “Computer simulations of cell adhesion to surfaces with microrelief”

   12:40-13:00 Hisao Honda “Appearance of a chiral structure in cardiac looping of the embryonic heart”


ROOM C8.2.38


Parallel Session "Mathematical Methods in Biology II"


   11:40-12:00 Katharina Franziska Becker “Modelling hierarchical pattern formation in epidermal

   appendage development”

   12:00-12:20 Thomas E. Woolley “Pattern production through a chiral chasing mechanism”

   12:20-12:40 Sungrim Seirin-Lee “Pattern formation induced by dynamic deformation of domain”

   12:40-13:00 Ricardo Martinez-Garcia “Cell adhesion and fluid flow jointly initiate biofilm spatial



ROOM C8.2.39


Parallel Session “Epidemiology I”


   11:40-12:00 Gisele H. B. Miranda “Towards the prediction of influenza-like illness cases in Belgium”

   12:00- 12:20 Edward Hill “Assessing intervention responses against H5N1 avian influenza outbreaks in


   12:20-12:40 David Haw “Should we expect attack rates for infectious disease to vary across small spatial


   12:40-13:00 Silvério Rosa “Optimal control of a fractional epidemic model with application to HRSV






“grab and go”

13:00 – 14:20


Lunch Break



14:20 – 16:00


Mini-Symposia and Parallel Sessions
ROOM C8.2.02


Mini-symposium “Cross-talk between cells and extracellular matrix

in plant and animal development”

(Organizer: Eva Deinum)


   14:20-14:40 Eva Deinum “On growth and form in plants and animals: crosstalk between cytoskeleton

   and extracellular matrix”

   14:40-15:00 Julio Belmonte “A theory that predicts behaviors of disordered cytoskeletal networks”

   15:00-15:20 Adam Runions “Why plants make puzzle-shaped cells”

   15:20-15:40 Louis Daniel Weise “Mechanical model to study plant development”

   15:40-16:00 Diego A. Vargas “Discrete element model of the cell to explore how HUVECs respond to

   mechanical properties of the substrate”


ROOM C8.2.03


Mini-symposium “Reduction and structure of reaction networks”

(Organizer: Carsten Wiuf)

   14:20-14:40 Carsten Wiuf “Model reduction and the QSSA”

   14:40-15:00 Murad Banaji “Inheritance of oscillation in chemical reaction networks”

   15:00-15:20 Casian Pantea “Bistability in mass action: inheritance from small subnetworks”

   15:20-15:40 AmirHosein Sadeghimanesh “Intermediates, binomiality and multistationarity”

   15:40-16:00 János Tóth “Further inverse problems”


ROOM C8.2.06


Mini-symposium “Plant models (A): plant development”

(Organizers: Mariya Ptashnyk and Lionel Dupuy)

   14:20-14:40 Leah R Band “Modelling auxin dynamics in the plant root: cell-based and continuum


   14:40-15:00 Arezki Boudaoud “Understanding the robustness of morphogenesis using stochastic

   mechanical models of organ growth”

   15:00-15:20 George Bassel “The interplay between global and local rules regulates multicellular


   15:20-15:40 Yann Guédon “Identifying developmental patterns in plant phenotyping data”

   15:40-16:00 Henry Allen “Mathematical modelling and analysis of the interplay between auxin and

   brassinosteroid in plant tissues”


ROOM C8.2.10


Mini-symposium “Multi-scale mathematical models in endocrinology”

(Organizers: Margaritis Voliotis and Eder Zavala)

   14:20-14:40 David Rand “Stochastic transcriptional dynamics and spatial signalling for the prolactin

   gene in single cells and tissue”

   14:40-15:00 Frédérique Clément “Middle-out multi-scale modelling of the development of ovarian


   15:00-15:20 Eder Zavala “Developing a multiscale mathematical understanding of the HPA axis”

   15:20-15:40 Duncan J. MacGregor “Population-based signal processing and stimulus-response in

   oxytocin neurones”

   15:40-16:00 Benoit Huard “Multiple scale analysis and periodic solutions in a model of ultradian

   glucose regulation”


ROOM C8.2.11


Parallel Session “Ecology I"


   14:20-14:40 Aisling J. Daly “An individual-based model of coexistence and competition between

   cryptic nematode species”

   14:40-15:00 Anna Poskrobko “On mathematical model for fission-fusion bats population”

   15:00-15:20 Danish Ali Ahmed “Analysing the impact of trap geometry on pitfall trap counts”

   15:20-15:40 Dmitrii O. Logofet “Averaging the population projection matrices overestimates the

   stochastic growth rate”

   15:40-16:00 Andrew Dean “Toxin-mediated competition in bacterial communities”


ROOM C8.2.13


Parallel Session “Cell and Intra-Cell Dynamics I"


   14:20-14:40 Nikolaos Sfakianakis “The FBLM-FEM: from cell-cell adhesion to the cluster of cells and

   cell monolayers”

   14:40-15:00 Mauricio Moreira-Soares “Modelling cell shape and migration: a phase-field approach”

   15:00-15:20 Alexander Leonard “The evolution of symmetric and asymmetric protein binding interfaces”

   15:20-15:40 Haru Negami “Topological analysis of penicillin-binding proteins”

   15:40-16:00 Anastasia A. Anashkina “Scoring, analysis and ranking of protein-protein docking models

   by QASDOM server on the example of nef-calnexin interaction”


ROOM C8.2.15


Parallel Session “Population Biology I"


   14:20-14:40 Atheeta Ching “The carrying simplex in non-competitive Lotka-Volterra systems”    

   14:40-15:00 Cecilia Berardo “Analysis of a functional response with prey-density dependent handling

   time under an evolutionary perspective”

   15:00-15:20 John R. Ellis “Formation of population clusters in density dependent random walks”

   15:20-15:40 Nurdan Cabukoglu “Reaction-diffusion models for populations with kinesis”

   15:40-16:00 Peter Jagers “How might a population have started?”


ROOM C8.2.17


Parallel Session “Physiology II"


   14:20-14:40 Anahita Bayani “Modelling anti-inflammatory systems – spatial considerations in the

   resolution of inflammation”

   14:40-15:00 Eleni Moraki “Modelling corneal epithelium maintenance and recovery”

   15:00-15:20 Johanne Gudmand-Hoeyer “The influence of transport proteins and competing steroids on

   the plasma cortisol dynamics”

   15:20-15:40 Mariia Dvoriashyna “Mathematical model of fluid and CO2 transport across the retinal

   pigment epithelium”

   15:40-16:00 Zuzanna Szymańska “Mathematical modelling of the tendon healing process: blow-ups

   mean healing”


ROOM C8.2.19


Parallel Session “Immunology I"


   14:20-14:40 Akane Hara “Theoretical study of interaction between allergy and intestinal microbiome”

   14:40-15:00 Arran Hodgkinson “Both high and low affinity interferons necessary for effective immune

   response: a mathematical modelling approach”


   15:00-15:20 Sophie Ip “Kinetics of innate immunity within the cell: mathematical parallels with prions”

   15:20-15:40 Sahamoddin Khailaie “Characterization of CTLA4 trafficking: a combined in silico and in

   vitro approach”


ROOM C8.2.23


Parallel Session “Genetics and Genomics I"


   14:20-14:40 Andre S. Ribeiro “Stochastic modeling and inference of temperature-dependent

   transcription supercoiling dynamics”

   14:40-15:00 Monika Kurpas “A simulation study of the relationship between DNA damage detection

   pathways and the cell cycle”

   15:00-15:20 Jonathan Harrison “Experimental verification of a coarse-grained model predicts

   production rate limits mRNA localization”

   15:20-15:40 Eva Stadler “Eigensolutions for a model of vertical gene transfer of plasmids”

   15:40-16:00 Alexey V. Doroshkov “Molecular evolution and meta-transcriptomic approaches to access

   the plant oxidative stress resistance enzymes”


ROOM C8.2.38


Parallel Session “Evolutionary Dynamics II"


   14:20-14:40 Mario E. Veruete “Evolutionary branching via replicator-mutator equations”


   14:40-15:00 Pietro Landi “Variability in life-history switch points across and within populations explained

   by adaptive dynamics”

   15:00-15:20 Frédéric M. Hamelin “Gene-for-gene epidemic models, systemic acquired resistance, and

   the evolution of plant parasites”

   15:20-15:40 Coralie Fritsch “Food web models with evolution of two traits”


   15:40-16:00 Kalle Parvinen “The effect of spatial heterogeneity on evolution in spatial models”


ROOM C8.2.39


Parallel Session “Mathematical Methods in Biology III”


   14:20-14:40 Simon Syga “A new lattice-gas cellular automaton model for cell aggregation”

   14:40-15:00 Alexander Tam “The effect of nutrient-limited growth on floral pattern formation in yeast


   15:00-15:20 Ulrich Dobramysl “Determining the probability flux from a Brownian source to small

   absorbing windows via a mixed analytical-stochastic simulation method”

   15:20-15:40 Clemens Kreutz “An intuitive and efficient approach for testing parameter identifiability”


   15:40-16:00 Jean-Luc Gouze "Reduction of metabolic networks keeping core dynamics"






Chair: Nico Stollenwerk

16:10 – 17:10


Eva Löcherbach | Université de Cergy-Pontoise, France







17:20 – 18:50


Poster Session I | Coffee Break + Cocktail

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