Accepted Posters

Presenter Poster
Abedi, Majid Cooperativity of ligand-receptor binding/unbinding on cell migration
Adamer, Michael Coloured noise in stochastic Turing systems
Al-Khudhairy, Orestes U. Gutierrez How trophic interactions strengths are constrained over evolutionary time-scales
Alessia, Andò Collocation methods for complex delay models of structured populations
Ardaševa, Aleksandra Tumours: bet-hedging as a survival strategy in temporally varying environments
Asllani, Malbor New perspectives of pattern formation in real networks
Atkins, Benjamin Bridging the gap between research and policy in epidemic control: an adaptive management approach
Ausmees, Kristiina Investigating the effects of low coverage and reference set bias on phasing and imputation - applications in the field of ancient DNA
Azevedo, Sofia The advantage of being flexible: comparison of survival regression models for fruit flies interacting with the bacteria Wolbachia and viruses
Bakshi, Suruchi Systems pharmacology modelling of the alternative pathway to study target suitability
Belmonte-Beitia, Juan Nonlinear dynamics and optimal protocols of a model of tumor resistance to chemotherapy
Bento, Francielly S. The left ventricular volume by two mathematical methods: a comparison with the real volume
Berezovskaya, Faina On ``replicators-genetic parasites'' models
Bobrovskikh, Alexander V. Using a mathematical modeling to access the abiotic stress response of plant antioxidant system
Bose, Thomas Oscillations in nutritional decision making
Boukabcha, Maamar Role of mathematical tools and epidemiological tools for modeling and analyzing biological data and epidemiological data
Bridge, Lloyd Mathematical modelling of biased agonism dynamics at G~protein-coupled receptors
Brown, Sarah K. An in silico study of altered airway smooth muscle and extracellular matrix structure in the remodelled asthmatic airway.
Bruzón, María Santos Solitary wave solutions for time-delayed nonlinear evolution equations
Buckingham-Jeffery, Elizabeth Calculating normal tissue complication probabilities from microscopic models
Buder, Thomas CellTrans: an R package to quantify stochastic cell state transitions
Buttenschön, Andreas Non-local cell adhesion models: steady states and bifurcations
Cao, Yong An accurate in silico identification of protein nitrotyrosine sites using sequence evolutionary information and Wilcoxon-based feature selection approach
Carlos, Clara Effects of Allee effects on extinction times of populations in random environments
Carvalho, Ana R.M. Analysis of a non-integer order model for the coinfection of HIV and HSV-2
Chae, Min-Kyung Super-helical filaments at surfaces: dynamics and elastic responses
Chowdhury, Nabeeha Z. An axiomatic framework for the description of circadian rhythms
Coelho, Isabel A prescribed curvature model for the corneal shape
d'Onofrio, Alberto Non-spatial first-order phase transitions in the self-activation transcriptional network motif
Danciu, Diana-Patricia Stem cell numbers and functional heterogeneities during post-embryonic organ growth
Dondé, Tobia Periodic solutions of ecological models via uniform persistence
Drusko, Armin Cell migration analysis using 3D particle image velocimetry
Duarte, Jorge Analytical solutions of a cancer model with Shilnikov's chaos
Duchesne, Ronan Toward a mixed effects model of the in vitro erythroid differentiation
Egbelowo, Oluwaseun Francis A new approach for solving three-compartment pharmacokinetics models
El-Borai, Mahmoud M. Fractional analysis for glucose-insulin regulation
Endo, Akira Reservoir of avian influenza: a multi-site multi-species model
Fischer, Lisa An in silico model on inflamed arthritic joints
Franco, Eugenia From a PDEs model for droplets dynamics to a renewal and delay differential equations model
Gandarias, María Luz Conservation laws and exact solutions of a time-delayed Burgers-Fisher equation
Giniunaite, Rasa Modelling the collective migration of neural crest cells
Gjini, Erida Inferring bacterial heterogeneity from time-kill in-vitro dynamics under antibiotics
Gong, Chen Chris Forbidden yet observed clustering in ensembles of repulsively coupled phase oscillators subject to common noise
Graham, Jason M. Optimization properties in the construction of living bridges by army ants
Guo, Dianjing Computational model for prediction of human branch point sequence with TNA structure
Haddad, Ghassen Global metabolism issues in cancer treatment optimization with dynamic economy budget theory
Hamis, Sara What does not kill a tumour may make it stronger: an in silico investigation into drug resistance in cancer
Hautphenne, Sophie Populations with a carrying capacity: stochastic modelling and parameter estimation
Henriques, David Genome-scale modeling of wine production
Hiraga, Takahiro A mathematical model of realtime flight path planning for echolocating bats
Iroda, Baltaeva Integrating the loaded Korteweg-De Vries equation with a self-consistent source
Iwanami, Shoya Data analysis of single-HSC transplantation
Jonak, Katarzyna Protein network that drives the divisions – first mathematical model of meiosis
Kettle, Helen Modelling stage-structured populations (R-package stagePop)
Kim, Jae Kyoung Two types of transcriptional repression leads fundamentally different biological oscillators
Kim, Yunha Free energy estimation from non-equilibrium pulling experiments of model biopolymers
Kimmel, Gregory Neighborhood size effects in nonlinear public goods games
Konstantinov, Dmitry Applying of bioinformatics approaches to the analysis for enzymatic systems of hematophagous
Kozłowska, Emilia Mathematical modeling predicts effect of combination therapy in ovarian cancer
Labarthe, Simon Predicting the impact of bacterial swimmers on the diffusion of a soluble compound into a biofilm
Lack, Cameron Modelling the interactions between macrophages and bacteria in Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections
Laroche, Beatrice A spatially structured model to investigate key drivers of the gut microbiota biogeography in humans
Lehtinen, Sami Understanding the Venus flytrap through mathematical modelling
Leocata, Marta Deciphering the effect of phenotypic and intrinsic heterogeneity in tumor development
Lope, Jose Ernie C. Constructing a phylogenetic tree of languages using a feature-sensitive weighted Levenshtein metric
López-García, Martín Role of genetic heterogeneity in determining the epidemiological severity of H1N1 influenza
Lou, Yuting Multicellular aging as a nonequilibrium phase transition
Mailleret, Ludovic An individual based model to optimize natural enemies deployment in augmentative biological control
Malysheva, Nadezhda Reaction-diffusion modelling of local c-di-GMP signaling controlling the synthesis of E. coli biofilm
Marini, Giovanni Modelling West Nile virus transmission and human infection risk in Veneto (Italy)
Menon, Govind Bridging the gap between modules in isolation and as part of biochemical networks
Mistro, Diomar C. Cellular automata models for the impact of yellow fever on the howler monkeys in Southern Brasil
Montaseri, Ghazal Impulsive control-based rule to tailor radiation doses in cancer radiotherapy
Monteiro, Pedro Reconstruction and analysis of the global transcriptional regulatory network in yeast
Morais, Marina Lima Mathematical modelling for cholera: an outbreak case study in Yemen
Móréh, Àgnes The additivity of multi-species perturbations in food webs
Moreira, Débora C. S. Model of computacional simulation of Ross-Macdonald's model for study of epidemic virulence in the region of Federal District
Moreno-Zambrano, Mauricio Development of a mathematical model of cocoa bean fermentation
Morishita, Yoshihiro Quantitative analysis and mechanical modeling for epithelial tissue morphogenesis
Mota, Manuel Approximate Bayesian computation in branching processes: application to Black Vulture colonies
Müller, Rebekka Morphological conversion of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in response to beta-lactam antibiotics
Munjal, Rajat Dynamics of predator prey model using Gompertz function with impulsive biological control and unilaterally impulsive diffusion
Mykowiecka, Agnieszka Metagenomics: inferring gene-species assignments via tree reconciliation
Nakahara, Tomohiro The role of cytoplasmic proteins on cell polarity formation of asymmetric cell division
Nekka, Fahima Dose and timing individualization strategy to adapt ADHD treatment to children daily activities
Nomata, Masaaki Modeling and optimal policy for decreasing Japanese empty homes - Akiya - due to an aging society
Odagiri, Kenta Mathematical model for wound healing caused by exogeneous mechanical forces
olde Scheper, Tjeerd V. Criticality control of glucose-insulin release
Omari, Mohamed The impact of nutritional glucose on the bovine Estrous cycle investigated with a mathematical model
Omori, Ryosuke Heterogeneity in susceptibility induces unpredictable outbreak
Ormerod, Carl Application of mixed boundary, polar diffusion to controlled release drug delivery models.
Otero-Muras, Irene Epigenetic switches: optimization-based forward and reverse design
Pájaro, Manuel Effective stochastic approach to gene regulatory networks and the role of intrinsic noise
Park, Jeong-Man Demographic-noise-induced fixation in subdivided populations with migration
Patrício, Paula From HIV infection modeling to Portuguese infected population dynamics
Paupério, Francisco F.S. How antibiotics and host immune responses interact in the clearance of intracellular infections
Pedersen, Rasmus K. Modelling of quiescent stem cells in relation to myeloproliferative neoplasms
Pereira, Luis Modeling heterogeneity in cell death dynamics at the receptor level
Pessoa, Delphine Strict number control in the cell
Pybus, Hannah J. Multi-scale models of pro-remodelling growth factor activation in asthmatic airways
Ramos, Alfonso The bisexual Galton-Watson branching process with population-size-dependent mating
Rodrigues, Luiz Alberto D. A metapopulation model for the dynamics of the howler monkeys (Alouatta guariba clamitans) affected by sylvatic yellow fever
Rörich, Anna data reconstruction from electromyographic signals in biomechanics
Rossini, Luca The use of Von Foerster equation to forecast insects life cycle in crop protection
Sabir, Soukaina Analysis of tumor / effector cell dynamics and decision support in therapy.
Safaeifard, Fateme CTLA-4 and PD-1 immune checkpoints inhibition for cancer immunotherapy: A mathematical modeling approach
Sajid, Zamra Modelling the myeloproliferative neoplasms(mpns): stability analysis & sensitivity analysis
Schenck, Ryan O. Clonal architecture of the epidermis: homeostasis limits keratinocyte evolution
Selvaggio, Gianluca Modelling approach to relate epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and cancer stem cells
Seymenoglu, Belgin Invariant manifolds of the selection-recombination model from population genetics
Sikorski, Alexander Objective priors in an empirical Bayes framework
Sovrano, Elisa High multiplicity of positive solutions to indefinite problems arising in population genetics
Stana, Remus Analytic expressions of the mean first-passage times and hitting density for diffusing particles in eccentric annular regions
Strobl, Maximilian A. R. The clone's dilemma: cooperation of subpopulations in a mathematical model of tumour invasion
Summers, Kim Evolutionary strategies of Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus predators and prey
Tanida, Sakurako The effect of volume exclusion on collective motion of microtubules gliding on kinesin-coated surface
van Steijn, Leonie Autochemotaxis enhances and inhibits cell motility
Varela, Pedro L. Logical modelling to explore communication network features influencing pattern formation
Vinga, Susana Survival analysis of high-dimensional cancer gene expression data
Volkening, Alexandria A hybrid model of mechanical stress-induced varicosity formation in axons
Widmann, David Quorum sensing of Pseudomonas putida in continuous cultures
Wieteska, Malgorzata J. Comparison of two techniques describing mRNA and hormone levels in bovine granulosa cells of dominant follicles
Xiao, Aiguo IMEX finite element methods for delay predator-prey competition reaction-diffusion system
Yang, Hyun Mo The transovarial transmission in the dynamics of dengue infection: epidemiological implications and thresholds
Zaborowski, Rafal BPscore: an effective metric for meaningful comparisons of structural chromosome segmentations
Zagkos, Loukas Novel mathematical models of DNA methylation and their association with health and ageing
Zamora-López, Gorka Dynamic communicability and flow: a framework to study weighted biological networks
Zhang, Enpei Evolution of maturation time in a delay Gause model
Zuliani, Lunkes Aline de Lurdes A reduction approach to the inverse problem in EEG using the Landweber - Kaczmarz Method