Poster Session I - Abstracts (Monday 23rd, 2018)

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  Poster Session I (23/07/2018 from 17:20 to 18:50) - see abstracts here
P1 Adamer, Michael Coloured noise in stochastic Turing systems
P2 Andò, Alessia Collocation methods for complex delay models of structured populations
P3 Ausmees, Kristiina Investigating the effects of low coverage and reference set bias on phasing and imputation - applications in the field of ancient DNA
P4 Azevedo, Sofia The advantage of being flexible: comparison of survival regression models for fruit flies interacting with the bacteria Wolbachia and viruses
P5 Bakshi, Suruchi Systems pharmacology modelling of the alternative pathway to study target suitability
P6 Berezovskaya, Faina On ``replicators-genetic parasites'' models
P7 Brown, Sarah K. An in silico study of altered airway smooth muscle and extracellular matrix structure in the remodelled asthmatic airway.
P8 Buckingham-Jeffery, Elizabeth Calculating normal tissue complication probabilities from microscopic models
P9 Buder, Thomas CellTrans: an R package to quantify stochastic cell state transitions
P10 Carlos, Clara Effects of Allee effects on extinction times of populations in random environments
P11 Carvalho, Ana R.M. Analysis of a non-integer order model for the coinfection of HIV and HSV-2
P12 Chae, Min-Kyung Super-helical filaments at surfaces: dynamics and elastic responses
P13 Coelho, Isabel A prescribed curvature model for the corneal shape
P14 d'Onofrio, Alberto Non-spatial first-order phase transitions in the self-activation transcriptional network motif
P15 Duarte, Jorge Analytical solutions of a cancer model with Shilnikov's chaos
P16 Duchesne, Ronan Toward a mixed effects model of the in vitro erythroid differentiation
P17 Endo, Akira Reservoir of avian influenza: a multi-site multi-species model
P18 Gandarias, María Luz Conservation laws and exact solutions of a time-delayed Burgers-Fisher equation
P19 Gjini, Erida Inferring bacterial heterogeneity from time-kill in-vitro dynamics under antibiotics
P20 Gong, Chen Chris Forbidden yet observed clustering in ensembles of repulsively coupled phase oscillators subject to common noise
P21 Graham, Jason M. Optimization properties in the construction of living bridges by army ants
P22 Guo, Dianjing Computational model for prediction of human branch point sequence with TNA structure
P23 Hamis, Sara What does not kill a tumour may make it stronger: an in silico investigation into drug resistance in cancer
P24 Kettle, Helen Modelling stage-structured populations (R-package stagePop)
P25 Kim, Jae Kyoung Two types of transcriptional repression leads fundamentally different biological oscillators
P26 Kim, Yunha Free energy estimation from non-equilibrium pulling experiments of model biopolymers
P27 Lack, Cameron Modelling the interactions between macrophages and bacteria in Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections
P28 Leocata, Marta Deciphering the effect of phenotypic and intrinsic heterogeneity in tumor development
P29 Mailleret, Ludovic An individual based model to optimize natural enemies deployment in augmentative biological control
P30 Marini, Giovanni Modelling West Nile virus transmission and human infection risk in Veneto (Italy)
P31 Montaseri, Ghazal Impulsive control-based rule to tailor radiation doses in cancer radiotherapy
P32 Monteiro, Pedro Reconstruction and analysis of the global transcriptional regulatory network in yeast
P33 Móréh, Àgnes The additivity of multi-species perturbations in food webs
P34 Moreno-Zambrano, Mauricio Development of a mathematical model of cocoa bean fermentation
P35 Mota, Manuel Approximate Bayesian computation in branching processes: application to Black Vulture colonies
P36 Mykowiecka, Agnieszka Metagenomics: inferring gene-species assignments via tree reconciliation
P37 Nekka, Fahima Dose and timing individualization strategy to adapt ADHD treatment to children daily activities
P38 Odagiri, Kenta Mathematical model for wound healing caused by exogeneous mechanical forces
P39 olde Scheper, Tjeerd V. Criticality control of glucose-insulin release
P40 Omari, Mohamed The impact of nutritional glucose on the bovine Estrous cycle investigated with a mathematical model
P41 Ormerod, Carl Application of mixed boundary, polar diffusion to controlled release drug delivery models.
P42 Pájaro, Manuel Effective stochastic approach to gene regulatory networks and the role of intrinsic noise
P43 Park, Jeong-Man Demographic-noise-induced fixation in subdivided populations with migration
P44 Paupério, Francisco F.S. How antibiotics and host immune responses interact in the clearance of intracellular infections
P45 Pedersen, Rasmus K. Modelling of quiescent stem cells in relation to myeloproliferative neoplasms
P46 Pereira, Luis Modeling heterogeneity in cell death dynamics at the receptor level
P47 Ramos, Alfonso The bisexual Galton-Watson branching process with population-size-dependent mating
P48 Rodrigues, Luiz Alberto D. A metapopulation model for the dynamics of the howler monkeys (Alouatta guariba clamitans) affected by sylvatic yellow fever
P49 Rörich, Anna Data reconstruction from electromyographic signals in biomechanics
P50 Sajid, Zamra Modelling the myeloproliferative neoplasms(mpns): stability analysis & sensitivity analysis
P51 Schenck, Ryan O. Clonal architecture of the epidermis: homeostasis limits keratinocyte evolution
P52 Selvaggio, Gianluca Modelling approach to relate epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and cancer stem cells
P53 Seymenoglu, Belgin Invariant manifolds of the selection-recombination model from population genetics
P54 Summers, Kim Evolutionary strategies of Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus predators and prey
P55 Varela, Pedro L. Logical modelling to explore communication network features influencing pattern formation
P56 Volkening, Alexandria A hybrid model of mechanical stress-induced varicosity formation in axons
P57 Widmann, David Quorum sensing of Pseudomonas putida in continuous cultures
P58 Wieteska, Malgorzata J. Comparison of two techniques describing mRNA and hormone levels in bovine granulosa cells of dominant follicles
P59 Yang, Hyun Mo The transovarial transmission in the dynamics of dengue infection: epidemiological implications and thresholds
P60 Zhang, Enpei Evolution of maturation time in a delay Gause model