Accepted Contributed Talks

Speaker Talk
Abboud, Candy J. Using post-introduction data and a mechanistic-statistical approach to date and localize an invasion
Adamson, Matthew Anticipating nonlocal critical transitions in nearly-1D systems
Aguiar, Maíra Modeling the implementation of dengue vaccine
Ahmed, Danish Ali Analysing the impact of trap geometry on pitfall trap counts
Akimenko, Vitalii An age-structured model with Allee effect and time delay
Akiyama, Masakazu A mathematical model of collective cell migrations based on cell polarity
Alpízar-Brenes, Geisel Mathematical Modeling of the interaction between wilds and Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes
Álvarez-Arenas, Arturo An integro-differential equations model to study the development of multidrug resistance in cancer
Amorim, Paulo Reaction-diffusion and individual-based models for ant movement
Anashkina, Anastasia A. Scoring, analysis and ranking of protein-protein docking models by QASDOM server on the example of nef-calnexin Interaction
Andersen, Morten Mathematical modeling of blood cancer evolution
Andraud, Mathieu Using field and experimental data to estimate key epidemiological parameters to decipher PRRSv epidemiology
Andreasen, Viggo Coexistence in a seasonal epidemic model
Antonovici, Claudiu-Cristi Dynamic model of stomatal development and patterning with auxin regulation
Avanzini, Stefano Probabilistic models of cancer: an estimate for the time to relapse
Avila, Piret Sex-ratio conflict disrupts colony growth in annual haplodiploid social insects
Baldazzi, Valentina Unravelling the contribution of cell cycle and cell expansion in an integrated model of tomato fruit development
Barbarossa, Maria Vittoria An in-host perspective on disease dynamics
Barrio, Roberto Synchronization patterns, bifurcations and control strategies in central pattern generators
Bartłomiejczyk, Agnieszka Travelling waves in modelling chemotherapy for low grade gliomas
Bayani, Anahita Modelling anti-inflammatory systems – spatial considerations in the resolution of inflammation
Beaunée, Gaël Inference in a metapopulation model via a composite-likelihood approximation
Becker, Katharina Franziska Modelling hierarchical pattern formation in epidermal appendage development
Belyaev, Aleksey V. Computer simulations of cell adhesion to surfaces with microrelief
Benson, Lee Direct transmission models for indirectly transmitted environmental pathogens
Berardo, Cecilia Analysis of a functional response with prey-density dependent handling time under an evolutionary perspective
Blanckaert, Alexandre In search of the Goldilocks zone for hybrid speciation
Bodnar, Marek Mathematical model describing low grade gliomas and its reaction to chemotherapy
Boldin, Barbara An extension of the classification of evolutionarily singular strategies in Adaptive dynamics
Borri, Alessandro Structured models as a mathematical tool to describe diabetes evolution
Bouderbala, Ilhem A spatially explicit individual based model to study the motile-phytoplankton aggregation process
Braumann, Carlos A. Constant effort harvesting models with Allee effects in randomly varying environments
Bridgewater, Adam C. Perturbation analysis of a delayed model of glucose-insulin regulation
Brites, Nuno M. Performance of fishing policies for populations with weak Allee effects in a random environment
Brown, Liam V. Predicting observed patient responses to a short-peptide cancer vaccine via clinical trial simulations
Brüningk, Sarah C. A multiscale model for predicting the response of 3D spheroids to combinations of radiation and hyperthermia
Burger, Gerhard A. Cell density influences clustering and migratory behaviour of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer cells
Bürger, Reinhard Two-locus clines maintained by diffusion and recombination in a heterogeneous environment
Bürli, Christine Population-based and individual-based modelling of Opisthorchis viverrini
Cabukoglu, Nurdan Reaction-diffusion models for populations with kinesis
Cai, Yuhua Resident-invader dynamics of similar strategies in noisy environments
Calcagno, Vincent Foraging under predation risk: a marginal value approach
Calvo, Gabriel F. Modelling the interplay of two glycemic biomarkers for patient-specific monitoring of diabetes
Calvo, Juan Long time behavior for some continuous polymerization models
Capo, Rangel Gabriela A computational model integrating brain electrophysiology and metabolism
Cappelletti, Daniele Designing reaction networks with a given stationary distribution
Chakrabarti, Shaon Why cousins are more similar than mother-daughters: implications for circadian-controlled cell fate
Chambon, Lucie Qualitative control for a genetic negative feedback loop
Cheek, David Mutation frequencies in a birth-death branching process
Ching, Atheeta The carrying simplex in non-competitive Lotka-Volterra systems
Chumakova, Lyubov Cytoskeleton self-organization is robust and depends on cell geometry alone
Clairambault, Jean Cancer as a default of evolutionary coherence between tissues in metazoa
Consolo, Giancarlo Secondary seed dispersal in the Klausmeier vegetation model for sloped semi-arid environments
Constable, George W. A. The effect of adult sex ratio on transitions between male and female heterogamety
Conte, Martina Kinetic-based models for tumor-immune system competition
Costa-Gomes, Beatriz ALFRED: automated image analysis of microtubule networks in nerve cells
Creedon, Leo A mathematical model of bovine progesterone based on corpus luteum measurement
Csikász-Nagy, Attila Single molecule switches and oscillators
Czégel, Dániel Major evolutionary transitions as structure learning of Bayesian belief networks
Czuppon, Peter Disentangling ecological noise and evolutionary dynamics during trait fixation
Daly, Aisling J. An individual-based model of coexistence and competition between cryptic nematode species
Davis, Christopher N. Village-scale persistence and elimination of HAT (gambiense human African trypanosomiasis)
Dawidowicz, Antoni Leon Mathematical model of Lyme disease caused by the bacterium Borrelia Burgdorferri
Dean, Andrew Toxin-mediated competition in bacterial communities
Denz, Adrian E. Mathematical modelling of mosquito movement for malaria vector control
Dobramysl, Ulrich Determining the probability flux from a Brownian source to small absorbing windows via a mixed analytical-stochastic simulation method
Donnelly, Ruairi Viruses that modify plants: manipulation of vector density and transmission at several scales
Doroshkov, Alexey V. Molecular evolution and meta-transcriptomic approaches to access the plant oxidative stress resistance enzymes
Doutor, Paulo Rational behavior and social cost for vaccination in childhood diseases
Dvoriashyna, Mariia Mathematical model of fluid and CO2 transport across the retinal pigment epithelium
Ellis, John R. Formation of population clusters in density dependent random walks
Encarnacion, Segura Aldo E. Cellular decision making models in microorganisms
Estrada-Rodriguez, Gissell Space-time fractional diffusion equations in chemotaxis and immunology
Fan, Ruili Virulence management in a model with explicit within- and between-host dynamics
Figueiredo, Isabel M. Narra de Space-Time Model for the Understanding of Aberrant Crypt Foci Morphogenesis
Filipe, Patrícia A. A nonparametric estimation method for SDE models: an application to cattle growth
Filipe, Raquel The SHAR model and its effective infection rate: analytical results on severe vs asymptomatic infection
Fischer, Samuel Optimal strategies to prevent invasive species transport
Folguera-Blasco, Núria Unlocking the stem cell phenotype: a multi-scale model of the epigenetic regulation of cell fate and plasticity
Fortuna, Nicole Modelling the evolution of generalist vs. specialist pathogens spreading on a clade of host species
Fotso Fotso, Yves Modelling and control of coffee berry borer infestation
Fragata, Inês Predictability of long-term, but not short-term phenotypic evolution of Drosophila
Fritsch, Coralie Food web models with evolution of two traits
Fujisaki, Hiroshi Weighted ensemble simulations of biomolecules
García-Pareja, Celia Exact simulation of coupled Wright Fisher diffusions
García, Míriam R. Modeling the dynamics of antimicrobial resistance in a Morbidostat
Gaz, Claudio Design of a control law for insulin resistant patients by means of a simple glucose/insulin system model
Gerberry, David An exact approach to calibrating infectious disease models to surveillance data
Gerisch, Alf Insight into a nonlocal PDE model of cellular adhesion by microscale space-jump process modelling
Giacobbi, Anne-Sophie Modelling of the ERK pathway in hepatocellular carcinoma cells exposed to sorafenib
Gogolewski, Krzysztof Pitfalls in clustering metabolic landscapes
Gómez-Corral, Antonio Dynamics of epidemic models with two strains and cross immunity
Gonay, Léolo Structure and dynamics of a gene regulatory network driving hepatocellular carcinoma
Gontier, Nathalie Can we define life by how it evolves?
Goodlad, Arnina Collective movement of marine animals: the effect of anthropogenic noise on pattern formation
Gouveia, Marcos Simulating vessel growth with extracellular matrix remodeling
Gouze, Jean-Luc Reduction of metabolic networks keeping core dynamics
Greenhalgh, David Estimation of the expected number of cases of microcephaly in Brazil as a result of zika
Grognard, Frédéric Uninvadable strategies for biotrophic pathogens, from dynamic games to adaptive dynamics
Gudmand-Hoeyer, Johanne The influence of transport proteins and competing steroids on the plasma cortisol dynamics
Guerra, Telma Flow control with applications to hemodynamics
Gupta, Abhishek Extrinsic noise leads to phenotypic transitions in stochastic gene expression
Gürbüz, Burcu Laguerre polynomial solutions of a class of nonlinear reaction diffusion equation and its applications in biology
Haetinger, Claus Sustainability indicator system for assessment of dairy farms at Vale do Taquari-RS (Brazil)
Hamelin, Frédéric M. Gene-for-gene epidemic models, seasonality, and the evolution of latency in plant parasites
Hamis, Sara Hypoxia-activated prodrugs and radiation: An in silico investigation to study the synergetic effects of bystander responses in tumour spheroids
Hara, Akane Theoretical study of interaction between allergy and intestinal microbiome
Harrison, Jonathan Experimental verification of a coarse-grained model predicts production rate limits mRNA localization
Hatzikirou, Haralampos On a theory of cell decision-making in multicellular systems: the least microenvironmental uncertainty principle
Haw, David Should we expect attack rates for infectious disease to vary across small spatial scales?
Hayase, Yumino A 3D mathematical model of centipede locomotion on rough terrain
Hecht, Sophie Incompressible limit of a continuum model of tissue growth with segregation for two cell populations
Hernandez-Vargas, Esteban A. Advances in multiscale modeling of infectious diseases
Hill, Edward Assessing intervention responses against H5N1 avian influenza outbreaks in Bangladesh
Hilton, Joe Household models for endemic diseases
Hindersin, Laura The effect of graph structure on fixation probability and time
Hodgkinson, Arran Both high and low affinity interferons necessary for effective immune response: A mathematical modelling approach
Hoffmann, Bertin Radiotherapy and chemotherapy change vessel tree geometry and metastatic spread
Honda, Hisao Appearance of a chiral structure in cardiac looping of the embryonic heart
Hoscheit, Patrick Using TempoRank to identify central nodes in cattle trade networks
Huang, Chengming An efficient numerical algorithm for auto-convolution Volterra integral equations
Ip, Sophie Kinetics of innate immunity within the cell: mathematical parallels with prions
Irons, Linda Effect of deep inspirations on airway smooth muscle cell-matrix adhesions
Ishimoto, Kenta Hydrodynamic modelling of human sperm clustering
Iwami, Shingo Quantifying antiviral activity optimizes drug combinations against hepatitis C virus infection
Iwata, Shigehide Reconsideration about an optimal management for the migrated species
Iyare, Egberanmwen Barry Sunday Mathematical modeling and analysis of the transmission dynamics of tuberculosis and lymphatic Filariasis co-infection
Jabbari, Sara Exploiting the antibiotic-induced morphological transition of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Jagers, Peter How might a population have started?
Jerry, Chakib Economical epidemic model as controlled switched system
Joubert, Dominique Determining the minimal output sets that ensure the structural identifiability of a model
Jung, Eunok Dynamical models of tuberculosis transmission and optimal treatment strategies in the Republic of Korea and Philippines
Just, Winfried Should I get a flu shot? How well did this go last year?
Kakizoe, Yusuke Evaluating the drug combination therapy against hepatitis C virus
Kalaidzidis, Yannis Bile flux quantification of intra-vital microscopy measurements
Kamp, Christel The right word in the right place: optimizing codon usage for protein translation
Kaneva, Valeriia Particle-based model of microvascular thrombus formation demonstrates the role of the interplay between platelet adhesive receptors
Karev, Georgiy Evolutionary games: natural selection of strategies
Kavallaris, Nikos Data driven model selection and parameter estimation for DNA methylation
Khailaie, Sahamoddin Characterization of CTLA4 trafficking: a combined in silico and in vitro approach
Köhn-Luque, Alvaro Personalized cancer treatment simulation: a multi-scale model informed by multi-source clinical data
Kolobov, Andrey V. Investigation of reasons for transient alleviation of tumor hypoxia during antiangiogenic therapy
Kooi, Bob W. Sensitivity and bifurcation analysis using predator-prey models as case studies
Köry, Jakub The impact of geometry on effective models of nutrient uptake by root hairs
Kosiuk, Ilona Geometric singular perturbation analysis of spiky oscillations in a minimal $NF-kappa B$ signaling model
Kreutz, Clemens An intuitive and efficient approach for testing parameter identifiability
Krishnan, J. Temporal and spatial information processing in cell signalling networks
Kroos, Julia M. Patient-specific modeling of cortical spreading depression
Kulawiak, Dirk Alexander Poroelastic two-phase model for moving droplets of Physarum polycephalum with free boundaries
Kurpas, Monika A simulation study of the relationship between DNA damage detection pathways and the cell cycle
Kuznetsov, Maxim B. Investigation of metastatic cell dominance phenomenon via modeling of tumor progression
Kwon, Hee-Dae Feedback control of an HBV model based on a nonlinear Kalman filter
Landi, Pietro Variability in life-history switch points across and within populations explained by adaptive dynamics
Lemos-Paião, Ana P. Optimal control of a SIQRB cholera delayed model
Leng, Trystan Concurrency of Partnerships, Consistency with Data, and Control of Sexually Transmitted Infections
Leonard, Alexander The Evolution of Symmetric and Asymmetric Protein Binding Interfaces
Lercher, Martin Accurate prediction of intracellular concentrations in E. coli from a simple optimality principle
Leung, Ka Yin Epidemics on networks with social distancing
Liebscher, Volkmar Deriving simple predator-prey models from individual based models via singular perturbation theory
Lipniacki, Tomasz Limits on information transmission through biochemical networks in response to the pulsed stimuli
Logofet, Dmitrii O. Averaging the population projection matrices overestimates the stochastic growth rate
Lopes, Marinho A. Elevated ictal brain network ictogenicity enables optimal epilepsy surgery prediction
López-García, Martín A unified stochastic modelling framework for the spread of nosocomial infections
Lopez-Herrero, Mariajesus Maximum epidemic size for a nonlinear SEIR model with limited resources
Lou, Yuting Multicellular aging as a nonequilibrium phase transition
Lundh, Torbjörn Position prediction of neighbours can generate milling flocks
Ma, Qi Genome wide study of Glucocorticoid receptors’ role in estrogen receptors regulated enhancers in breast cancer
Marcotte, Christopher D. Tuning critical excitations in stiff cardiac models
Margaritis, Voliotis Understanding the hypothalamic network that controls the pulsatile secretion of reproductive hormones: from theory to experiments
Marinelli, Isabella Analysis of different bursting modes in the integrated oscillator model for pancreatic beta-cells
Marques, Ana P. D. Spatial dispersal patterns of citrus disease (HLB) and its vector
Martinez-Garcia, Ricardo Cell adhesion and fluid flow jointly initiate biofilm spatial strucutre
Martins, José Learning strategies in a rumor spreading model based on the SIR epidemic model
Mascheroni, Pietro Modeling the influence of compressive stresses on the efficacy of anticancer treatments
Mateus, Luís Prediction and predictability in population biology
Mattei, Maria Rosaria A modeling and simulation study of the invasion phenomenon in biofilm reactors
Matthäus, Franziska On a mechanochemical model for cell polarization
Meakin, Sophie R. Correlations between stochastic epidemics in multiple interacting subpopulations
Medvinsky, Alexander Direct and indirect effects of temperature on the dynamics of lake plankton
Menon, Govind Engineering compartmentalisation in biochemical pathways - analysis and design
Micheletti, Alessandra A comparison of singular values decomposition and functional statistics for the analysis of omics data
Miękisz, Jacek Social dilemmas in simple evolutionary games
Miranda, Gisele H. B. Towards the prediction of influenza-like illness cases in Belgium
Montagnon, Pierre A stochastic SIR model for cattle diseases on a population graph
Moraki, Eleni Modelling corneal epithelium maintenance and recovery
Morales-Navarrete, Hernan 3D geometrical models of liver tissue uncover unknown features of non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Moreira-Soares, Mauricio Modelling cell shape and migration: a phase-field approach
Murall, Carmen Lía The challenges of modelling the vaginal microbiome
Nabutanyi, Peter The Wright-Fisher model for exponentially growing populations
Negami, Haru Topological analysis of penicillin-binding proteins
Nikitina, Kseniia Probabilistic graphical models for loss-of-function genomic screens analysis
Nilusmas, Samuel Sustainable management of root-knot nematodes by modelling and optimizing resistance deployment
O'Dea, Reuben Multiphase and morpho-poro-elastic multiscale models of biological tissue growth
Oliveira, Bruno M. P. M. Concentration of T cells and antigenic stimulation
Oliveira, Marina D.M. Growth of tumor microtube networks in a glioblastoma
Omori, Ryosuke Predictability of prevalence of sexually transmitted infection on complex network
Otero-Cacho, Alberto Experimental and CFD numerical simulations of stenosis and atherosclerosis occurring in vessel branches
Overton, Christopher E. Deterministic approximations of stochastic dynamics in evolutionary graph theory
Páez Chávez, Joseph An impulsive model for Dengue transmission dynamics with seasonal effects and pesticide control
Pal Majumder, Abhishek Long term behavior of some non-regular stochastic reaction networks
Panunzi, Simona A novel advection-diffusion-reaction model of the spatio-temporal mercury dynamics in water and sediments
Papaxenopoulou, Lito A. Model-driven experiments induce elimination of Staphylococcus aureus chronic infection
Park, Hye Jin Fate of populations in a stochastic system with mutations
Parvinen, Kalle The effect of spatial heterogeneity on evolution in spatial models
Pattni, Karan Evolutionary dynamics and the evolution of multiplayer cooperation in a subdivided population
Pearce, Simon P. Curvature-sensitive kinesin binding can induce rings and chaotic dynamics in microtubules
Perez-Carrasco, Ruben Success of oscillations in negative feedback gene regulatory networks is determined by degradation rate uniformity
Pérez, Lucía The Hindmarsh-Rose neuron model: global homoclinic structure of square-wave bursters
Pham, Thi Mui Mathematical modelling of P. aeruginosa transmission routes in intensive-care units
Picco, Noemi Modelling transient traits of cortex formation: the importance of evolving cell division strategies
Pichugin, Yuriy Reproduction costs can drive the evolution of groups
Pilar-Arceo, Carlene P. C. An edge-based SEIR model on a static random network
Pinto, Alberto Evolutionary vaccination dynamics
Pinto, Carla Non-integer order analysis of the impact of diabetes and resistant strains in a model for TB infection
Pitt, Jake Alan Parameter estimation in models of biological oscillators: dealing with multimodality and overfitting
Planqué, Robert Maximising microbial growth rate in changing environments: the mORAC framework
Plesa, Tomislav Noise control and mixing in designing reaction networks
Płochocka, Aleksandra Z. Homing of green sea turtles across various geographical locations
Pontz, Martin Evolutionary dynamics in the two-locus two-allele model with weak selection
Portillo, Ana M. Mathematical model to relate Telomerase activity and telomere length with the human follicular aging
Poskrobko, Anna On mathematical model for fission-fusion bats population
Preston, James Exploring the dynamics of an Enterpathogenic Escherichia Coli infection via a computational model
Priklopil, Tadeas When does an invasion of a novel trait imply fixation?
Privault, Nicolas Modeling and estimation of substitution rates along phylogenetic trees by stochastic bridges
Ptashnyk, Mariya Multiscale modelling and analysis of intercellular signalling processes in biological tissues
Puszynski, Krzysztof The influence of the stochastic gene switching on effectiveness of the metronomic therapies
Radosavljevic, Sonja Poverty traps as a social-ecological phenomena: dynamical system approach
Ragni, Stefania Optimal effort control for the harvesting of a population modeled by a parabolic PDE
Ramos, Carlos Correia Animal movement: symbolic dynamics and topological classification
Reina, Andreagiovanni Studying psychophysical laws in the superorganism through a novel automated analysis tool
Reisch, Cordula Gaining information from submodels: Modeling liver infections with reaction-diffusion equations
Ribeiro, Andre S. Stochastic modeling and inference of temperature-dependent transcription supercoiling dynamics
Roberts, Mark Genetic diversity in rapidly growing populations
Roberts, Paul A. Using predictive models to optimise the treatment of bacterial infections: combining a novel anti-virulence therapy with antibiotics
Robertson-Tessi, Mark Evolution of competing diversities: tumor vs. Immune
Robin, Frédérique Structured cell population dynamics: application to the morphogenesis of ovarian follicles
Rocha, J. Leonel Stability analysis of Gompertz's logistic growth equation under strong, weak and no Allee effects
Rode, Julian Proliferation rate inference with continuous labelling assays
Rogers, Tim Strength in numbers: how demographic noise can reverse the direction of selection
Rombouts, Jan Traveling pulses in a time-delayed Fitzhugh-Nagumo model
Rosa, Silvério Optimal control of a fractional epidemic model with application to HRSV disease
Rozhnova, Ganna Impact of pre-exposure prophylaxis on the Dutch HIV epidemic among men who have sex with men
Russo, Lucia From gradual changes to catastrophic shifts in ecosystems with human interaction
Saccomani, Maria Pia New perspectives and practical tools for local identifiability analysis of biomathematical models
Sanchez-Taltavull, Daniel Architectures of differentiation cascades with asymmetric and symmetric stem cell division
Sanchez, Fabio Comparative analysis of dengue versus chikungunya outbreaks in Costa Rica
Sannikova, Tatiana E. Mathematical modeling of sex differences in TB epidemiology
Sanz, Luis Discrete time multiregional stochastic models with fast migration: re-scaling survival to the fast scale
Sarels, Benoit Interactions of traveling waves in the context of population genetics
Schechtman, Helio A first glimpse on insecticide resistance development
Schittenhelm, Doris Mathematical modelling of cellular response pathways for oxidative stress
Schuster, Stefan Use of Fibonacci numbers in lipidomics - enumerating various classes of fatty acids
Schwieger, Robert Investigation of Boolean monotonic model pools
Seirin-Lee, Sungrim Pattern formation induced by dynamic deformation of domain
Sfakianakis, Nikolaos The FBLM-FEM: from cell-cell adhesion to the cluster of cells and cell monolayers
Silva, Cristiana J. Hopf bifurcation and optimal control of a delayed HIV model
Singh, Abhyudai Exact lower and upper bounds on moments of biochemical systems
Skwara, Urszula Stochastic modelling of vector-borne diseases
Smith, Cameron A. The auxiliary region method for coupling PDE and Brownian-based dynamics for reaction-diffusion systems
Soresina, Cinzia Cross-diffusion predator-prey models arising by time-scale arguments
Stadler, Eva Eigensolutions for a model of vertical gene transfer of plasmids
Stocks, Theresa Dynamic modelling of hepatitis C transmission among IDUs: Revealing the undiagnosed and impact of interventions
Stollenwerk, Nico Chaos via torus destruction in population biology: implications for data analysis
Suppo, Christelle Range expansion of the yellow-legged hornet in Europe and the role of human-mediated dispersal
Syga, Simon A new lattice-gas cellular automaton model for cell aggregation
Szymańska, Zuzanna Mathematical modelling of the tendon healing process: blow-ups mean healing
Tachiki, Yuuya The evolution of rhizome system in bamboos under spatial heterogeneities
Tahir, Daniah Modeling a two-type, asymmetric, trait-dependent diversification process, on a random species tree
Tal, Omri Bet hedging models: a reappraisal
Tam, Alexander The effect of nutrient-limited growth on floral pattern formation in yeast biofilms
Tankam, Israël An agricultural control of Radopholus similis in banana plantations
Tanner, Eleanor Culling causes compensatory population growth due to release from disease-induced mortality
Telcs, András Inference of causal relations via dimensions
ten Broeke, Guus Using simulation models to assess resilience
Terefe, Yibeltal A. Mathematics of a sex-structured model for Trichomoniasis transmission dynamics
Thomas, Philipp Stochastic gene expression in growing cell populations
Timofeyev, Ilya Large deviations theory with application to rare events in bacterial populations
Torres, Delfim F. M. Stability of a fractional tuberculosis model
Toscano-Ochoa, Carlos On the feasibility of complex synthetic biological circuits
Touzeau, Suzanne Investigating viremia rebounds using a PRSS data-supported model of immune response
Tran, Tat Dat Information geometry and its application to the Wright-Fisher population with recombination
Trucu, Dumitru Multiscale modelling of cancer growth and spread: a multiscale moving boundary approach
Tyrcha, Joanna Stochastic activation in a genetic switch
van Voorn, George A.K. Quantifying adaptive capacity of socioecological systems
Veerman, Frits A hybrid analytical-numerical method for parameter inference in stochastic gene expression models
Venturino, Ezio How does herd gathering influence interacting population dynamics?
Vergu, Elisabeta Analysis of the cattle trade network in France to inform epidemiological risk
Vermiglio, Rossana Polynomial chaos expansions for stability, uncertain quantification and sensitivity analysis of equilibria of uncertain delay differential equations
Veruete, Mario E. Evolutionary branching via replicator-mutator equations
Vitale, Caterina Evolution of tolerance under selective predation
von Kleist, Max Hybrid stochastic framework predicts the prophylactic efficacy of antivirals against HIV-infection
Wakano, Joe Yuichiro Ecocultural range-expansion model of modern humans in Paleolithic
West, Jeffrey Neoadjuvant trade-offs in ER+ breast cancer: a game theoretic approach
White, Andy Conservation management in the face of disease-mediated invasion
White, Carla Cooperativity across dimers and the effect on ligand binding: linear and nonlinear models
White, Connor The protectiveness of HLA Alleles against infection, in the presence of multiple pathogen strains
Whiteley, Timothy An integro-differential equation model for urban population dynamics predicting emergent pattern formation
Wittmann, Meike Stable polymorphisms due to seasonally fluctuating selection and their genetic footprint
Woolley, Thomas E. Pattern production through a chiral chasing mechanism
Yakushkina, Tatiana Near-neutrality in evolutionary models: the first arrival time problem
Yang, Hyun Mo Modelling the role between antibody-dependent enhancement and heterologous secondary infection in severe dengue
Zhang, Yun Jun Revealing Individual-level Heterogeneity in Infectivity from Pathogen Phylogeny
Zheng, Qi Shedding new light on random chromosome segregation
Zubairova, Ulyana S. Computational modelling of wheat leaf epidermal morphogenesis based on large-scale LSM data