Daily Programme - Thursday 26th, 2018


Thursday | July 26th, 2018










Chair: Julia Gog

09:00 – 10:00


Mirjam Kretzschmar | University Medical Center, Utrecht, The Netherlands





10:00 – 10:30


Coffee Break



10:30 – 12:30


Mini-Symposia and Parallel Sessions
ROOM C8.2.02


Parallel Session “Mathematical Methods in Biology VI”


   10:30-10:50 Jake Alan Pitt “Parameter estimation in models of biological oscillators: dealing with

   multimodality and overfitting”

   10:50-11:10 Attila Csikász-Nagy “Single molecule switches and oscillators”

   11:10-11:30 Ilona Kosiuk “Geometric singular perturbation analysis of spiky oscillations in a minimal NF-

   kappa B signaling model”

   11:30-11:50 Tomislav Plesa “Noise control and mixing in designing reaction networks”

   11:50-12:10 Ruben Perez-Carrasco “Success of oscillations in negative feedback gene regulatory

   networks is determined by degradation rate uniformity”

   12:10-12:30 Daniele Cappelletti “Designing reaction networks with a given stationary distribution”


ROOM C8.2.03


Parallel Session “Population Biology III”


   10:30-10:50 Bob W. Kooi “Sensitivity and bifurcation analysis using predator-prey models as case


   10:50-11:10 Vitalii Akimenko “An age-structured model with Allee effect and time delay”

   11:10-11:30 Robert Planqué “Maximising microbial growth rate in changing environments: the mORAC


   11:30-11:50 Carmen Lía Murall “The challenges of modelling the vaginal microbiome”

   11:50-12:10 J. Leonel Rocha “Stability analysis of Gompertz's logistic growth equation under strong,

   weak and no Allee effects”

   12:10-12:30 Lucia Russo “From gradual changes to catastrophic shifts in ecosystems with human   



ROOM C8.2.06


Parallel Session “Cancer IV”


   10:30-10:50 Marina D.M. Oliveira “Growth of tumor microtube networks in a glioblastoma”

   10:50-11:10 Isabel M. Narra de Figueiredo “Space-time model for the understanding of aberrant crypt

   foci morphogenesis”

   11:10-11:30 Gerhard A. Burger “Cell density influences clustering and migratory behaviour of triple-

   negative breast cancer cells”

   11:30-12:10 Krzysztof Gogolewski “Pitfalls in clustering metabolic landscapes”


ROOM C8.2.10


Parallel Session “Cell and Intra-Cell Dynamics V”


   10:30-10:50 Sophie Hecht “Incompressible limit of a continuum model of tissue growth with segregation

   for two cell populations”

   10:50-11:10 Haralampos Hatzikirou “On a theory of cell decision-making in multicellular systems: the

   least microenvironmental uncertainty principle”

   11:10-11:30 Alf Gerisch “Insight into a nonlocal PDE model of cellular adhesion by microscale space-

   jump process modelling”

   11:30-11:50 Dirk Alexander Kulawiak “Poroelastic two-phase model for moving droplets of Physarum

   polycephalum with free boundaries”

   11:50-12:10 Franziska Matthäus “On a mechanochemical model for cell polarization”

   12:10-12:30 Frédérique Robin “Structured cell population dynamics: application to the morphogenesis

   of ovarian follicles”


ROOM C8.2.11


Parallel Session “Evolutionary Dynamics VI”


   10:30-10:50 Christopher E. Overton “Deterministic approximations of stochastic dynamics in

   evolutionary graph theory”

   10:50-11:10 Laura Hindersin “The effect of graph structure on fixation probability and time”

   11:10-11:30 Yuriy Pichugin “Reproduction costs can drive the evolution of groups”

   11:30-11:50 Ilhem Bouderbala “A spatially explicit individual based model to study the motile-

   phytoplankton aggregation process”

   11:50-12:10 Daniah Tahir “Modeling a two-type, asymmetric, trait-dependent diversification process,

   on a random species tree”

   12:10-12:30 Caterina Vitale “Evolution of tolerance under selective predation”


ROOM C8.2.13


Parallel Session “Epidemiology VII”


   10:30-10:50 Lee Benson “Direct transmission models for indirectly transmitted environmental


   10:50-11:10 Viggo Andreasen “Coexistence in a seasonal epidemic model”

   11:10-11:30 Ruili Fan “Virulence management in a model with explicit within- and between-host


   11:30-11:50 Maria Vittoria Barbarossa “An in-host perspective on disease dynamics”

   11:50-12:10 Eleanor Tanner “Culling causes compensatory population growth due to release from

   disease-induced mortality”


ROOM C8.2.15


Parallel Session “Genetics and Genomics III”


   10:30-10:50 Qi Zheng “Shedding new light on random chromosome segregation”

   10:50-11:10 Nicolas Privault “Modeling and estimation of substitution rates along phylogenetic trees by

   stochastic bridges”

   11:10-11:30 Yun Jun Zhang “Revealing individual-level heterogeneity in infectivity from pathogen


   11:30-11:50 Joanna Tyrcha “Stochastic activation in a genetic switch”

   11:50-12:10 Kseniia Nikitina “Probabilistic graphical models for loss-of-function genomic screens


   12:10-12:30 Christel Kamp “The right word in the right place: optimizing codon usage for protein



ROOM C8.2.17


Parallel Session “Physiology IV”


   10:30-10:50 Gabriel F. Calvo “Modelling the interplay of two glycemic biomarkers for patient-specific

   monitoring of diabetes”

   10:50-11:10 Claudio Gaz “Design of a control law for insulin resistant patients by means of a simple

   glucose/insulin system model”

   11:10-11:30 Adam C. Bridgewater “Perturbation analysis of a delayed model of glucose-insulin


   11:30-11:50 Alessandro Borri “Structured models as a mathematical tool to describe diabetes evolution”


ROOM C8.2.19


Parallel Session “Mathematical Methods in Biology VII”


   10:30-10:50 Jan Rombouts “Traveling pulses in a time-delayed Fitzhugh-Nagumo model”

   10:50-11:10 Dominique Joubert “Determining the minimal output sets that ensure the structural

   identifiability of a model”

   11:10-11:30 Maria Pia Saccomani “New perspectives and practical tools for local identifiability analysis

   of biomathematical models”

   11:30-11:50 András Telcs “Inference of causal relations via dimensions”

   11:50-12:10 Matthew Adamson “Anticipating nonlocal critical transitions in nearly-1D systems”

   12:10-12:30 Stefan Schuster "Use of Fibonacci numbers in lipidomics - enumerating various classes of

   fatty acids”


ROOM C8.2.23


Parallel Session “Ecology IV”


   10:30-10:50 Elisabeta Vergu “Analysis of the cattle trade network in France to inform

   epidemiological risk”

   10:50-11:10 Pierre Montagnon “A stochastic SIR model for cattle diseases on a population graph”

   11:10-11:30 Patrick Hoscheit “Using TempoRank to identify central nodes in cattle trade networks”

   11:30-11:50 Gaël Beaunée “Inference in a metapopulation model via a composite-likelihood


   11:50-12:10 Mathieu Andraud “Using field and experimental data to estimate key epidemiological

   parameters to decipher PRRSv epidemiology”


ROOM C8.2.38


Parallel Session “Epidemiology VIII”


   10:30-10:50 Carlene P. C. Pilar-Arceo “An edge-based SEIR model on a static random network”

   10:50-11:10 Mariajesus Lopez-Herrero “Maximum epidemic size for a nonlinear SEIR model with

   limited resources”

   11:10-11:30 Raquel Filipe “The SHAR model and its effective infection rate: analytical results on severe

   vs asymptomatic infection”

   11:30-11:50 Sophie R. Meakin “Correlations between stochastic epidemics in multiple interacting


   11:50-12:10 Antonio Gómez-Corral “Dynamics of epidemic models with two strains and cross


   12:10-12:30 Nico Stollenwerk “Chaos via torus destruction in population biology: implications for

   data analysis”


ROOM C8.2.39


Parallel Session “Population Biology IV”


   10:30-10:50 Ezio Venturino “How does herd gathering influence interacting population dynamics?”

   10:50-11:10 Yuuya Tachiki “The evolution of rhizome system in bamboos under spatial heterogeneities”

   11:10-11:30 Shigehide Iwata “Reconsideration about an optimal management for the migrated species”

   11:30-11:50 Stefania Ragni “Optimal effort control for the harvesting of a population modeled by a

   parabolic PDE”

   11:50-12:10 Rafael Bravo de la Parra “Discrete time multiregional stochastic models with fast migration:

   re-scaling survival to the fast scale”

   12:10-12:30 Volkmar Liebscher “Deriving simple predator-prey models from individual based models via

   singular perturbation theory”





“grab and go”

12:30– 14:00


Lunch Break



14:00 – 15:20


Mini-Symposia and Parallel Sessions
ROOM C8.2.02


Parallel Session “Physiology V”

   14:00-14:20 Alberto Otero-Cacho “Experimental and CFD numerical simulations of stenosis and

   atherosclerosis occurring in vessel branches”

   14:20-14:40 Juan Calvo “Long time behavior for some continuous polymerization models”

   14:40-15:00 Marcos Gouveia “Simulating vessel growth with extracellular matrix remodeling”

   15:00-15:20 Telma Guerra “Flow control with applications to hemodynamics”


ROOM C8.2.03


Mini-symposium “Mathematical models for pest control”

(Organizers: Andrea Pugliese and Bedreddine Ainseba)

   14:00-14:20 Bedreddine Ainseba “Are we able to predict pest dynamics?”

   14:20-14:40 Sara Pasquali “A population dynamics model as tool for pest control in vineyards”

   14:40-15:00 Rachel Norman “A mathematical model of armyworm dynamics and control using a

   biological control agent”

   15:00-15:20 Claudia Pio Ferreira “The influence of landscape diversity on insect-pest dispersal and



ROOM C8.2.06


Mini-symposium “The interplay between short- and long-range interactions in biology”

(Organizers: José Antonio Carrillo and Maria Bruna)

   14:00-14:20 Alexandria Volkening “Agent-based models of pattern formation on the skin of zebrafish”

   14:20-14:40 Markus Schmidtchen “Pattern formation in non-local systems with cross-diffusion"

   14:40-15:00 Marco Scianna “Adhesion and volume constraints via nonlocal interactions determine cell

   organisation and migration profiles”

   15:00-15:20 Tommaso Lorenzi “Continuum and discrete nonlocal models of spatial evolutionary games”


ROOM C8.2.10


Mini-symposium “Topics on drug resistance in cancer”

(Organizers: Jean Clairambault and Luis Almeida)

   14:00-14:20 Cécile Carrère “Growth speed of heterogeneous tumours: a competition-diffusion spreading


   14:20-14:40 Denis Horváth “Ecological context of coevolutionary dynamics between cancer and

   therapeutic intervention”

   14:40-15:00 Shensi Shen “Anti-cancer therapy: blazing the trail with melanoma”

   15:00-15:20 Marc Sturrock “Mathematical modelling of emergent gene expression”


ROOM C8.2.11


Mini-symposium “New trends in modelling cardiovascular diseases”

(Organizers: Nader El Khatib and Adélia Sequeira)

   14:00-14:20 Vitaly Volpert “Reaction-diffusion waves of blood coagulation in quiescent plasma and in


   14:20-14:40 Jorge Tiago “Towards patient specific blood flow simulations: a velocity tracking approach”

   14:40-15:00 Nader El Khatib “Patient specific 3D numerical fluid-structure interaction model for

   blood flow in an atherosclerotic artery”

   15:00-15:20 Oualid Kafi “Mathematical modeling of the hydrodynamics of a free-flowing leukocyte

   toward the endothelial wall”



ROOM C8.2.13


Mini-symposium “How to design evolution-proof public health interventions?”

(Organizers: Samuel Alizon and Carmen Lía Murall)

   14:00-14:20 Erida Gjini “Mathematical perspectives on host immunity and antibiotic treatment”

   14:20-14:40 David A Kennedy “Why does drug resistance readily evolve but vaccine resistance does


   14:40-15:00 Christian Selinger “Multiple infections on networks”

   15:00-15:20 Monika Piotrowska “Towards simulation of inter-hospital spread of multidrug-resistant

   Enterobacteriaceae based on real healthcare system data”


ROOM C8.2.15


Mini-symposium “Computational statistics and Bayesian inference

for stochastic biological models”

(Organizer:s Massimiliano Tamborrino and Evelyn Buckwar)

   14:00-14:20 Massimiliano Tamborrino “Likelihood-free methods for the inference of non-renewal point

   processes arising from neuroscience”

   14:20-14:40 Irene Tubikanec “Structural preserving numerical method and Bayesian inference for 

   stochastic neuronal mass models”

   14:40-15:00 Annalisa Cadonna “Bayesian spectral estimation methods for multiple time series and

   application to multichannel EEG”

   15:00-15:20 Moritz Schauer “Bayesian estimation of diffusions applied to compartment models”


ROOM C8.2.17


Mini-symposium “Migration and invasion of eukaryotic cells:

from experiments to models”

(Organizer: Christophe Deroulers)

   14:00-14:20 Roeland Merks “Modeling of mechanical and chemical cell-matrix interactions driving cell

   migration and invasion”


   14:20-14:40 Yi Jiang “Leading the pack: leader and follower in collective cancer invasion”

   14:40-15:00 Anja Voss-Böhme “Impact of cell migration plasticity on tumor growth and invasion: a cell-

   based approach"

   15:00-15:20 Christophe Deroulers “Fronts in populations of self-regulating cells”


ROOM C8.2.19


Parallel Session “Epidemiology IX”

   14:00-14:20 Esteban A. Hernandez-Vargas “Advances in multiscale modeling of infectious diseases”

   14:20-14:40 David Gerberry “An exact approach to calibrating infectious disease models to surveillance


   14:40-15:00 Chakib Jerry “Economical epidemic model as controlled switched system”

   15:00-15:20 Yibeltal A. Terefe “Mathematics of a sex-structured model for Trichomoniasis transmission



ROOM C8.2.23


Parallel Session “Neuroscience I”

   14:00-14:20 Voliotis Margaritis “Understanding the hypothalamic network that controls the pulsatile

   secretion of reproductive hormones: from theory to experiments”

   14:20-14:40 Gabriela Capo Rangel “A computational model integrating brain electrophysiology and


   14:40-15:00 Lucía Pérez "The Hindmarsh-Rose neuron model: global homoclinic structure of square-

   wave bursters”

   15:00-15:20 Marinho A. Lopes “Elevated ictal brain network ictogenicity enables optimal epilepsy

   surgery prediction”


ROOM C8.2.38


Mini-symposium “Collective migration in interacting cell systems”

(Organizer: Andreas Deutsch and Luigi Preziosi)

   14:00-14:20 Josué Manik Nava-Sedeño “The role of persistency in single and collective cell migration”

   14:20-14:40 Medhavi Vishwakarma “Influence of group decisions on collective cell migration”

   14:40-15:00 Andras Czirok “Collective effects of cell motility within stratified epithelia”

   15:00-15:20 Annachiara Colombi “Non-local hybrid model for collective cell migration during zebrafish

   posterior lateral line development”


ROOM C8.2.39


Parallel Session “Mathematical Methods in Biology VIII”

   14:00-14:20 Gissell Estrada-Rodriguez “Space-time fractional diffusion equations in chemotaxis and


   14:20-14:40 Maria Rosaria Mattei “A modeling and simulation study of the invasion phenomenon in

   biofilm reactors”

   14:40-15:00 Cameron A. Smith “The auxiliary region method for coupling PDE and Brownian-based

   dynamics for reaction-diffusion systems”

   15:00-15:20 Cordula Reisch “Gaining information from submodels: modeling liver infections with

   reaction-diffusion equations”






Chair: Susanne Ditlevsen

15:30 – 16:30


Helen Byrne | University of Oxford, UK







16:40 – 17:30





17:30 – 18:00


Coffee Break and ESMTB GA Wine Tasting



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