Conference Dinner


Enjoy a three-course buffet dinner in a secret space surrounded by a beautiful forest spot with the surrounding of a belvedere with garden and lake that brings us closer to the sea and the river. In case of any food restriction, a special meal will be organized for you!


The conference dinner will take place on July 26th, 2018, 19:30-01:00.


MONTES CLAROS - Lisbon Secret Spot


There is a great secret very well kept, just in the center of Lisbon. 

Once there, you will be able to find a superb place, surronded by a magnificent belvedere, with garden and lake included, able to bring you closer to the sea and to the river as well. 

This is a unique place , where anything can happen. 

The magic appears while you taste your agreable meal and we are sure that you will never forget your dinner, at this special, quiet and different place .

Dinner Menu:

Frios - Cold Dishes
Saladas verdes - Green salads
Cenouras temperadas - Seasoned carrots
Azeitona britada - Crushed olives
Tomate cereja - Cherry tomato
Pickles de cebola roxa - Purple onion pickles
Croûtons de azeite virgem e orégãos - Olive oil and oregano Croûtons
Peito de frango cozido ao vapor - Steamed chicken breast
Salada de penne, queijo emmenthal, fiambre e tomate seco -Penne, Emmental cheese, ham and dry tomato salad
Molho de cocktail - Cocktail sauce
Molho de iogurte com ervas frescas e lima - Yougurt sauce with fresh herbs and lime
Vinagrete de mel - Honey Vinagrette
Quentes - Hot Dishes
Sopa - Soup
Creme de abóbora - Pumpkin velouté
Peixe - Fish
Lombinhos de bacalhau, viennoise de tomate, batatinhas a murro com folhas de espinafres - Codfish tenderloins, tomato viennoise, small crushed potatoes with spinach leaves
Carne - Meat
Strogonoff de vitela e cogumelos - Veal strogonoff and mushrooms
Sobremesas - Desserts
Verrines de mousse de chocolate, praliné de amêndoa -Chocolate mousse Verrines, Almond Praliné
Creme brulé - Crème Brulé
Toucinho-do-céu - Egg yolks pudding (Conventual recipe)
Fruta laminada (3 variedades) - Peeled and sliced fruit (3 kinds)
Bebidas - Drinks
Vinho branco e tinto Douro, Montes Claros - White and red wine (Douro Region)
Cerveja, refrigerantes, água mineral, café e chá - Beer, sodas, mineral water, coffee and tea


Special meal (under prior indication) will be organized for participants with dietary restrictions.


Transportation from the conference venue will be provided. Buses leave from the conference venue at 19:30.


Opening Cocktail

anTUNiA - SUniversity Tuna (Students Musical Group) from NOVA University, Lisbon

  XXVI Tágides - University Tunas International Festival  

See the tuna singing "Sobre o Tejo" here.